Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

4 kids: Mice and Ladybugs

“Mouse on a beach”, 2004 – cover

This is my very first experience with children illustration. “Mouse on a beach” and “Meadow” were published in 2004 by Wydawnictwo Baja. Both stories – in a form of a simple rhyming tale – were written by Katarzyna Skrzynkowska. Because the books were set to be published more or less on the same time as my “Lipstick” (pretty hardcore project for adults only) I had to sign the books as Joanna Sierpińska (my Grandma’s surname).

“Mouse on a beach” was painted with acrylics on a canvas paper, “Meadow”- with watercolors and acrylics. I’m showing only a few pages here. Unfortunately I had no influence on a design / typography and it doesn’t look as good as I would wish (it looks horrible – to tell the truth). Also, as I look at it now, at that time I was not courageous enough to stick to my style of painting. Still – kids loved the heroes, both books sold out.

“Mouse on a beach”, 2004 – spread

“Mouse on a beach”, 2004 – spread

“Mouse on a beach” – spread

“Mouse on a beach”, 2004

“Meadow”, 2004 – cover

“Meadow”, 2004 – spread

“Meadow”, 2004 – spread

“Meadow”, 2004 – little lost ladybug

“Meadow”, 2004 – spread


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