Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

Star Wars Tribute

“Staruorzzz” cover, designed by Cris Loghin. The illustration is a part of his hilarious short story – a dialogue between Luke and Vader.

I am a big fan of SW Trilogy, so is majority of comic artists. I thought – why not gather up some tribute like drawings, shorts, jokes and put it into a nice booklet. The whole thing was inspired by “Luke/Vader” story, drawn by Cris Loghin, Romanian designer and typographer. Gathering works for the booklet (published with my own funds and sold only to cover the costs) was a crazy adventure. Finally – we had it: 20 authors, 10 from Poland, 10 from Romania. It was published in 2006.

“Staruorzzz” contains works of many talented artists, like Piotr Nowacki, Dagmara Matuszak, Tomasz Pastuszka, Artur Sadłos, Norbert Rybarczyk, Mikołaj Tkacz, Cris Loghin, Marian Mirescu, Alex Ciubotariu or Daniel Rizea. You can also find my drawings there, here is some of them:

“Always”, by JK, color > Cris “Corto” Loghin

“Jealous Priests” by JK

Spread from the booklet, the bubble on the right says: “We’re sorry Luke. This is all we could do”.

At the printing house.









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