Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist


“Tornado landscape”, 150x60cm, 2009

Don’t ask me where it comes from. I’ve never seen one live. I always dream of them and I use this motive to get rid of the things that happen in my heart and soul. In a way this is the closest to self portraying I can get.

“Green tornado”, watercolour on paper, 23x30cm, 2011


“Tornado blues”, 40x40cm, 2010

“Tornado story”, 61x90cm, 2011

“Emerald tornado”, 35x45cm, 2011

“Tornado on a horizon”, 40x40cm, 2011

“Tornado and car”, 30x50cm, 2011

“Tornado – sketchy”, 50x120cm, 2011

“Still life with tornado”, 50x60cm, 2010




2 comments on ““Tornado”

  1. Anna Cull
    April 21, 2013

    Awesome paintings! I especially like ‘Green tornado’.

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