Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

Comic. Urban Myths

MOCAK, Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow stands out on the background of more traditional, local art institutions. Maybe that’s why they dare to put comic works on their walls. “Comic. Urban Myths”, a group exhibition of five artists started on 17th of February, 2012 and finished on 49th of April, 2012. The works of Malgorzata Jabłońska, Agnieszka Piksa, Kuba Woynarowski, Mariusz Tarkawian and mine were presented in MOCAK’s Beta Gallery.

foto: MOCAK

Folder about the exhibition and invitation.

foto: MOCAK

foto: MOCAK

Here is how the curator of the exhibition, Monika Koziol, speaks about the project: “Urban myths are stories circulated by the Internet and other media as well as spread within social groups. They provoke strong emotional responses and inspire the passing on of the stories which thus become a hybrid gossip and acquire a life of their own . It isn’t always the case that urban myths are pure fiction. Some of the events in these stories really did happen or contain a grain of truth. The works shown at the exhibition are somehow related to the phenomenon of urban myths – the artists create brand new myths or transform existing ones. Urban myths describe disturbing and incredible events, which stem from common fears, and some of them are cautionary tales. All the works employ the technique of the comic strip, with its characteristic strong narrative quality. The main goal of the exhibition is to present various techniques which can be employed to create a comic strip (drawing, painting or installation) as well as to highlight the significance of the comics genre as an art discipline.”

foto: MOCAK

My works, chosen by the curator, were all painted on canvas. Frankly, there is a very thin boarder between my painting and this, what I do in a field of comics. Three of the pictures are having frame division, typical for a comic.

Titanik Bar (71x100cm, 2011) – a picture inspired by a Bela Tarr movie, “Damnation” (Kárhozat, 1988)

The fifteenth, 70x100cm, 2011 – imaginary tram. In Cracow tram nr. 15 is ending it’s route in Cichy Kącik. I highly recommend taking a ride.

Nocne miasto II, 65x82cm, 2011 – imaginary city. Possibly New Rome, from “Jutro będzie futro”, my second comic book.

Cafe Bar Rio, 70x100cm, 2011 – a picture inspired by a real café bar, on Jana street in Cracow. Lovely, retro place.

„Batman II” , 120x100cm, 2011 – a travesty of David picture, the question is who killed Batman? Was her name Charlotte?

Once again, the curator, Monika Kozioł, this time about my pictures: “We shal not find the most popular myths in the painitings by Joanna Karpowicz. The artist is interested in creating her own mythology. These include oneiric scenes from the nightlife of the metropolis or visions of a futuristic town, where the No. 15 tram soars the sky, serving people and animals on equal terms. In showing possible scenarios for the future, the artist tries to appease the fear of the unknown. Most of the paintings consist of three frames and are a part of longer story.”

And here is me, on the photo taken by Mariusz Tarkawian, comic artist and illustrator, just a moment before opening.


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