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“Religions of Podlasie” – released!

Cover – front.

Finally about to be released, “Religions of Podlasie”, with my illustrations, beautifully designed by Cris Loghin! Today, in Białystok, official promotion starts. The book is a part of socio -educational project run by the Ludwik Zamenhof Centre. I share Anna Talarczyk’s (leader of the project) hopes that this book, addressed to the young audience, can make a change. About a “multicultural background” of Bialystok I was writing before. These days, not only Białystok or Podlasie, but whole Poland is facing the challenge: how to be tolerant, how to be able to stand up against the acts of racism. The answer can be: first, try to understand. And this is what we want to achieve with the book: to help children understand elementary differences, to show them the roots of 5 religions of Podlasie: Catholicism, Orthodox, Judaism, Protestantism and Islam.  Hopefully, it will bring the results in the future. And maybe even a few grown-ups will have a look at the pages too (the sub title says: “A guide – not only for children”). More about the project you can find on the LZC page.

About the illustrations and design

The content of a book is very specific, therefore our creative team had to come up with a range of solutions that would help a little reader to focus on the matters important to us. We decided that illustrations should have rather traditional character, in order to treat them as a supplementary (next to main text and text boxes) source of information. Next to pictures, painted with acrylics you can find photo illustrations. The book, published in a hardcover edition, has a 96 pages (ISBN: 978-83-932491-9-0).

Chapter: Catholicism. Jesus and his crew, traveling by foot.

Chapter about Orthodox religion. No, it is not  Gandalf, the Grey. This is Saint Cyril and his brother Methodius, Byzantine Greek brothers who became Christian missionaries among the Slavic peoples of the Great Moravia and Pannonia.

Chapter: Orthodox, detail.

Chapter: Orthodox, sacred places: Grabarka.

Each chapter ends with “Do you know…” page.

Chapter: Protestantism. Luther’s Rose. BTW: check out colorful margins – they help to navigate the content of 5 chapters.

Chapter: Islam. Map shows spice route and places important for the roots of Islam religion.

Chapter: Islam.

Chapter: Islam.

Chapter: Islam, detail. My intention was to show, next to “traditional”, a “contemporary” face of religions, the boy, praying, is dressed like anybody could be.

Chapter: Islam.

Chapter: Islam.

Chapter: Islam. On the left: Tatar on the right: mosques in Bohoniki and Kruszyniany.

Chapter Islam: “Do you know” page.

Chapter: Judaism. Moses and his story…

Chapter: Judaism. History of Polish Jews.

Chapter: Judaism. About Israel.

Chapter: Judaism. Little, yummy details help to understand tradition.

Chapter: Judaism. I’d like to try these cookies, one day…

Chapter: Judaism. Those kind of paper cutouts are specifically connected with a culture of Polish Jews. Cutting them out of paper is very hard, so I cheated a bit and drew those ones. But you can learn how to make your own ones in Cracow, during workshops on Jewish Culture Festival.

A map of Podlasie region – with the most important places, connected with each religion, marked.

Cover – back.

PS. Lets not forget how it all started.

A year of workshops, with the Copybook and a program of very challenging attractions.

Copybook – designed by Cris Loghin.

A hundreds of kids, asking hundreds of questions.

Photo by: LZC. Kids, during workshops and Ania Talarczyk, patient, calm, enthusiatic.

Photo by: LZC. Kids, puzzled with the the copybook’s content.

Copybook page – “match the words with a pictures”.


One comment on ““Religions of Podlasie” – released!

    November 16, 2012

    Impressive solutions offered! This book should be spread all over Europe, in their languages. Find an agent to sell therights to more publishing houses.

    Personal remark: the layout is quite restless. Too much content, maybe?

    Best regards, Wolf

    Gesendet: Freitag, 16. November 2012 um 13:27 Uhr Von: "Joanna Karpowicz" <> An: Betreff: [New post] Religions of Podlasie – released!

    joannakarpowicz posted: " Cover – front.

    Finally about to be released, “Religions of Podlasie”, with my illustrations, beautifully designed by Cris Loghin! Today, in Białystok, official promotion starts."

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