Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

“Five random lessons”

Cover by Ola Szmida

“No more secrets! This anthology opens the door to the vital and colorful, but very well hidden, female comics scene from Poland. 20 young comics authors tell gripping stories about their lives-childhood, adolescence as well as their current daily struggles and joys, about their fears, desires and dreams. While discovering this vibrant group of artists, you will also get a glimpse into the Polish life. The comics capture the multifaceted relationships to friends, men and very often to their dearly loved grandmothers, who might now also tell you some valuable life lessons.”

David Schilter
As I was writing some time ago, in the book, published by Central Europe Comics Art CENTRALA, you can also find my work . The exhibition promoting “Double Portrait” was already presented in Kaunas, Linz and Cracow. Next it travels to Riga and Budapest. Anybody interested in buying the book, please check out this link.

“Five random lessons” – pages from my short story in the book

“Five random lessons” – pages from my short story in the book

“Five random lessons” – pages from my short story in the book

About CENTRALA: Central Europe Comics Art CENTRALA is a project, which aims to present the power of comics in this part of world. Through a presentation of the most interesting initiatives, magazines, publications devoted to comics activity, Polish receiver will have a chance to become acquainted with a comics achievements of our Central European neighbours

photo: Beata Sosnowska, Kaunas, Kauno Apskritis. My works in the good company of Olga Wróbel, polish comic artist and illustrator.

Photo: Beata Sosnowska. “Double Portrait” in Kaunas.

photo: Beata Sosnowska, Kaunas, Kauno Apskritis

Photo: Centrala. “Double Portrait” exhibition in Ryga (Latvia) during “Comic Artventure Week”.

Photo: Centrala. Again: “Double Portrait” exhibition in Ryga




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