Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

“It’s good to be!” – ebook

And here is another e-book, also made for Wydawnictwo Otwarte, accessible through ReadKid app on iTunes. “It’s good to be! Nursery rhymes about the animals of the Amazon” is targeted at the youngest audience.

“It’s good to be!” – cover (Polish edition)

It’s good to be a toucan,

Eat berries all day long,

Sit high up in the branches,

While chirping happy songs.

(transl. from Polish > Borzobohata, Wydawnictwo Otwarte)

I wrote several simple rhymes and paired them up with equally simple illustration. As with “Floppy” I used acrylics, but this time on plain paper, so it doesn’t have any texture. I also experimented a bit with an watercolor pencils – to add a nice detail. Cris Login gave this e-book a fine designer’s touch, by adding  dynamic typography. Wish you could hear the sounds, they are really great – tropical jungle ambient and voices of animals. Yep, sound is really important in this book.  And here is some screens and scans of illustrations without the text.

“It’s good to be!” – Tucans – they actually “sing”, although “screek” would be more precise. You just have to tap and each of them will make a sound.

“It’s good to be!” – Sloth. Here you can play with butterflies.

“It’s good to be!” – Capybaras – they “dialogue” after you tap on them.

“It’s good to be!” – Anteater, without text. In the e-book you also have ant and active tongue.

“It’s good to be!” – Humming bird sings and flowers are blooming (after tap).

“It’s good to be!” – Red howler monkey – this guy makes a lot of noise.

“It’s good to be!” – screen shot. Parrot flies over the river.

“It’s good to be!” – The River. Little guy is paddling, you can hear the sound of water.


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