Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

Paleolitic 3D


It has begun! My work as a storyboardist for “Grain of truth” (movie directed by Borys Lankosz, based on the bestselling novel “Ziarno prawdy”, by Zygmunt Miłoszewski) had started unexpectedly from an improvised construction of the dungeons. This underground location plays a significant role in the movie. Models, made out of 30 kg of clay, cardboard, tons of duct tape, empty plastic bottle and a lot of weird little objects, were created after the sketches prepared at the scenography department – lead by a superb Polish scenographer, Magdalena Dipont.


We made a lots and lots of photos, trying to get the best frames, using candles as a source of light. Precious experience, interesting conclusions. Somebody might ask: why not use 3D renderings? Well, I’ll tell you, this paleolitic method worked very well for us. It moved imagination, brought some cool ideas. I’m proud to work as a part of the team.


If you want to see more “making of” photos and follow the action – please give your like to “Ziarno prawdy” fan page.



4 comments on “Paleolitic 3D

  1. Wolf Rosenthal
    February 4, 2014

    Fascinating => to follow your art´s life, Joanna. Go on! (Y)

    • joannakarpowicz
      February 5, 2014

      Thank you Wolf, I promise, I will keep on surprising you 😉

  2. Wolf Rosenthal
    February 5, 2014


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