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A 4th grader painted a picture inspired by my painting, “Tornado Blue”. And this kid, Caroline, made me so happy. Her painting is filled up with passion, dynamic, greatly composed – so cool!

Painted by Caroline C.  Watercolors on paper, march 2014.

Painted by Caroline C.
Watercolors on paper, march 2014.

When Ester Lam, an art teacher at a K-8 school posted a question on my blog if she can use some of my paintings from “Tornado” series for an educational purpose I was very curious, but also surprised. This series is very personal, emotional. Somehow I couldn’t match a bunch of 4th graders and my tornadoes together.

Apparently Ester knew what she was doing. She asked the kids to imagine themselves in one of my paintings, to create a 5 word poem, and then she allowed them to practice painting tints and shades. She also told kids that my tornadoes are a form of self-portraits and they were trying to guess my emotions and also reflect their own – in their pictures. This is definitely one of the most satisfying creative interactions with the viewer I’ve had until today.
Additionally Esther used my artwork (“Green Tornado”) for her New York MoMA class assignment. It was a free on-line class called Art and Inquiry: Museum Strategies For Your Classroom. I’m proud I could help – as a person who was lucky to be surrounded by art and artists from the earliest age I know how much good it can give you. I wish art education would not be such a neglected area in Polish educational system. Art is fun and as important as math or biology. Yup.

Thanks Esther!


One comment on “#thisspecialfeelingofjoy

  1. Esther Lam
    April 8, 2014

    Thanks Joanna! It’s amazing how the world became a little smaller with this exchange. Caroline’s mom said Caroline was so delighted that we appreciated her work. She’s a very sweet, shy girl with lots of talent. By the way, we actually used tempera paint, watered down with some water on the brush. It really did mimic watercolor! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work.

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