Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

Strange Stories in Kaunas

“Strange Stories” is a group exhibition of “narrative painting” curated by Galeria Stalowa from Warsaw. First it was shown in Warsaw, currently you can see it in MENO FORMA Gallery (Kaunas, Lithuania). You can see some of my paintings from “Robotz” series there. And here is a catalogue of the exhibition, with an interesting introductory word by Krzysztof Stanisławski.

All photos by Aidas Augustis Penki Vėjai

10298694_604281376345868_8222268932799193621_n 10299084_604277406346265_1719638423922093978_n 10311119_392870227518856_4748959853782703171_n 10330272_392870240852188_812798783012907636_n 1688086_604302623010410_33253808277092983_n 10277059_604305909676748_5895188756643508591_n


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