Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

And the Word was made Flesh

Photo by Alakthalion

Photo by Alakthalion

On 24th of May I took part in ArtBuzz, an event organized by a student association SKN MediaFrame (AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow) with a prelection entitled: “And the Word was made Flesh – a role of briefing in a creative process”. As I knew previous editions of ArtBuzz, usually devoted to CG, new technologies and Internet media I felt like I stand out with my completely analogue workshop and artworks. But I was invited and I wanted to play my part so I came up with a subject which in my opinion can be relevant to any person involved in a creative biz. I wanted to talk about how to face yours (or somebody’s) vision of creation and how (from my own experience) “creatives of all kinds” are finding common language with specialists in other areas, technical consultants, etc.

I’ve started with a photo of paleolitic paintings and I could see “crazy” written all over the audience faces. I was showing some of my commercial works, mostly recent character design for mobile games and ebooks, storyboards and comics. I had to answer some interesting questions from the audience and I am happy to say that even the simplest pencil drawings can still raise some discussion. It was fun.

All photos, presented in this blog were made by Mr. Aleksander “Alakthalion’ Kropidłowski.

Photo by Alakthalion

Photo by Alakthalion

Photo by Alakthalion

Photo by Alakthalion


Photo by Alakthalion





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