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Painter, illustrator and comic artist

Łódź strikes back

Again, Łódź at my drawing desk. This time I made a three page comic short with Robert Popielecki, a man whose writing I admired from a long time. I’ve met Robert in 2013, at the City Stories workshop. Although we were not working as a team we befriended and now we’ve started our cooperation on short stories from the streets of Łodz. First three pages entitled: “Tryptyk Bałucki” (Tryptych of Bałuty) we decided to send for a competition at the International Festival of Comic and Games 2014 (coming soon, 4-6 of October in Łódź).

Robert lives on Bałuty, a part of the city that doesn’t have the best fame. Poverty and high unemployment create a specific climate of the area. There is some crime, some violence. But also: some creativity, some love, and a lot of mixed emotions. To strangers Bałuty can seem like hell, but to people who live there it is home. No matter if they have a shelter or live homeless life. Robert Popielecki is a shrewd observer, but not only he uses his ears, capturing the juicy dialogue of the street, but most of all – he uses his heart. His sensitivity allows him to express the sympathy for his heroes in the most subtle way. He is not judging, just exposing. 

Plansza1_Tryptyk Balucki_s

Plansza2_Tryptyk Balucki_s

Plansza3_Tryptyk Balucki_s

Unfortunately – for now I can present only a Polish version of the pages, but if any of you, dear Readers is curious – I can explain what is going on each frame 🙂 Just let me know.


One comment on “Łódź strikes back

  1. Jeff
    June 7, 2017

    I just used your art in a presentation on Lodz, quoting you – great work, Joanna, keep it coming 🙂

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