Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

Anastasia – the comic


Good to have another big comic project on the table.  I’ve wasted a lot of time of trying to approach it using a shortcuts, but it seems like doing it the old school way is the only way to do it.

Two years ago I’ve read a brilliant article in Wysokie Obcasy (Gazeta Wyborcza) entitled: “Seven deaths of Natalie Wood”, then another one: “Hollywood – the city of demons”.  Both of them were written by Magdalena Lankosz,  a journalist and movie-critic.

“What a great material for a comic script” – I thought. “I love this girl’s writing. I’d like to paint something darker and beautiful”.  From the time when I was a student, working in an advertising agency I knew Magda’s talented husband, Borys Lankosz. I wrote him and asked him: “Would your wife be interested in writing something for me?”.  “Ask her yourself”- said Borys and so it had begun.

We’ve met. We’ve talked. We got friends. And then she wrote a…movie script, as she had never dealt with a comic before. The story, entitled “Anastasia” is epic. A toxic relationship of Mother and Daughter. Fame, crime, sex, drugs and violence.

When I started to plan it as a comic it appeared that I can tell the story on 164 pages. It was a lot. I’ve never worked on something that big before. I’ve spend some time on concept arts, I’ve drew a lot of stuff, painted some as well. But I couldn’t embrace this 164 pages so I put this project aside to cool down and think of a better approach.

Last week I’ve started over. With Magda’s approval I’ve divided the story in two. I’ve made a complete storyboard for the first part (72 pages).


Here it is: 72 pages, scaled down.

Also – I was worried about the color consistency. There is a lot of locations and moods – so I made a color palette for each of them.




And I’ve finished with a mini color storyboards for each page, just like the one below.


Now – wish me luck. Because there is a lot of work ahead of me.


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