Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

One illustration



So this is a short story of an illustration for the children book, written by Przemek Wechterowicz.  The illustrated text is about a little girl in Japan, saying goodbye to the main hero – a shoe. I needed to place the girl on a boat and give the location a specific, traditional look. I’ve used a photo reference from Hakone. You can see a famous Torii gate at the second plan. I’ve used a light table to make a basic underpainting.


Then I’ve applied a basic color scheme. I wanted to keep the light tones on (better for printing). I like painting water, it always blinks and shines.


With this under painting I’ve started to work on lights and shades. I’ve added a bit more of a detail.



I like to use crayons on acryl – when it’s dry.


And the final result is…

Strona z tekstem_23,6 x 28,7 cm_Ostatnia podmorska podroz_draft_1



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  1. Richard Guest
    October 21, 2014


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