Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist


Photo taken by Rafał Małecki, art animator and editor of Strefa Kreatywna blog (

My name is Joanna Karpowicz. I was born in 1976. I’m a painter, illustrator and comics artist from Cracow, Poland. I studied painting at the The Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, the oldest artistic university in Poland. I finished my studies in 2001, with a master’s degree.

Emotionally, I’m close to Hopper’s voyeurism and the works of other charming men of character: Beckmann, Buffet or Hockney. When painting, I “summon ghosts” – memories of people I’ve met, places I’ve seen and the emotions generated by those encounters. Things that are or have been I place in an imaginary frame as realism is of secondary concern to me, more important is mood of a particular moment. I often reference films, literature, music. There’s a big influence of illustration in my paintings – and the other way around.

I like night scenes, light painted from the point of view of darkness and the false sense of security that artificial light brings. I want to bring these impressions to the canvas. I’m inspired by travel, the lethargic mood of the night shift – small towns, road side bars, motels, empty hotel lobbies. Persistently return leitmotifs: falling snow, a burning cigarette, cars, palm trees, city neon lights. The interpretation of the scenes I leave to the viewer, in the hope that this will create a separate, new and individual story.

As for now I published three comic albums: “Szminka” (2003), “Jutro będzie futro” (2004) and “Postcards from Bialystok (2012). You can also find my comic works in various anthologies and comic magazines.

I place my original comic artwork at:

Group exhibitions:

2014 – 4 x Karpowicz, Raven Gallery, Cracow
2014 – The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery, Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin
2014 – Strange Stories, Galeria Stalowa, Warsaw / Meno forma Gallery, Kaunas
2013 – Winter Salon, Galeria Stalowa, Warsaw
2013 – Polish comic and its creators, Galeria Orientacja, Szczecin
2013 – Summer Salon, Galeria Stalowa, Warsaw
2013 – Summertime, Galeria Pionova, Gdańsk
2012 – Female polish comic, Central Museum of Textile, Lodz
2012 – Art saves life, Foundation for Promoting Contemporary Art
2012 – Kunst Macht Mobile, Volksbank Unna
2012 – Comic. Urban Myths, Museum of Contemporary Art – MOCAK, Cracow
2011 – Odsłony kobiecości, Polswissart Auction House, Warsaw
2010 – Female Comics from Central Europe, Tranzyt Fundation, LZC, Bialystok
2007 – Staruorzzz Tribute Exhibition, Café Szafe, Cracow
2006 – Comic nach polnisher art, Galerie Spedition, Brema
2006 – A Roman – Magyar Kepregeny Killitasra, Romanian Culture Centre, Budapest
2004 – Comic in avantgarde, BWA, Wroclaw, Awangarda Gallery
2004 – Coffee, comic, cigarettes, Café Szafe, Kraków
2002 – Artyści swojemu miastu, MGDK, Szczebrzeszyn
2004 – Coffee, comic, cigarettes, Café Szafe, Kraków
2002 – Artyści swojemu miastu, MGDK, Szczebrzeszyn


Individual exhibitions:


2014 – I want to believe, Centrum Sztuki Zamek, Wrocław

2013 -“Anubis, my friend”, Łącznik Gallery, Cracow
2011 – Frames on canvas, 22 Festival of Comic and Games, MDK, Lodz
2011 –  Zoom In, Klub OFF Kijów, Cracow
2008 – Locomotion, Café Szafe, Cracow
2003 – Room 666, Galeria Nova, Cracow


4 comments on “Bio

  1. susannablaauw
    September 24, 2013

    I just discovered your site and with it your amazing art! Apologies for clicking the “like” button like a madwoman… 🙂

    • joannakarpowicz
      September 24, 2013

      Apologies?! The pleasure is mine! I’m happy you like my stuff, “mad woman”! Greetings from Cracow 🙂

  2. Wolf Rosenthal, Frankfurt / Germany
    January 7, 2014

    My pleasure to follow the development of your work, Joanna

  3. Lisette Mermod
    March 16, 2015

    Great works and attitude! Just like my mother, Arlette Karpowicz, born in Paris, lived in New York, (her father was from Bialystok) who was an artist/illustrator in the 1940s – maybe we can do something ‘time retro’ piece together? Karpowicz’s across the artworld….Most of her work was ‘sticking her tongue out’ at the world too. – Best of luck to you, Lisette

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