Joanna Karpowicz

Painter, illustrator and comic artist

The lil’ workshop

My working space is very small. Here you can see the table and some of the tools, essential to my work: brushes, pencils, crayons. Computer is mostly used as a supplementary tool, together with a scanner. I don’t use tablet, although latelly I started to draw on the IPad a bit. But that is a completely different story. I just like to get my hands dirty.

Acrylics are my main medium, here you can see the set of paints that I use for illustrations and painting. You can see the lower part of my easel. Cat, named Dante (female) usually visits – here quite peaceful, but very often I have to kick her out of the room – she is a menace and loves to steal stuff.

This shelf contains everything I need “just in case of…”. Glue, clay, sticky tape, paper cups and more. I like to have it handy.

Paper supply. I always like to have a bit more than I need (in case of zombie attack, I guess). Seriously: each brand of canvas papers for acrylic is having a specific texture. When I work on a longer story or a series of illustrations I like to keep consistency. And of course, I have my favorite paper.

A shelf with ecolines and some photos: on the left my Mum, Anna Karpowicz – Westner in her atelier (photo taken by BogumiƂ Godfrejow), next, on the right my sister, when she was a baby. Below – my Dad, Slawek Karpowicz.

Hammer. Essential for every painter. This one I have since high school. Never lost it – even during studies (red ribbon protection system).










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